Helping Business-Minded Moms Find and Maintain Balance

We know that moms have given much of their time to the family,
constantly juggling their busy schedules, tending to the well-being of others.
Meet Audra

Hello! My Name is
Audra Mah

I’m a Certified Activation™ Method Coach

As a mother of two, I know very well what being overwhelmed looks like. There are also different degrees of overwhelm, depending on our ability to handle it. At times, no matter how much we try to shake it off, that overwhelming feeling especially when we’re constantly juggling a busy schedule does not go away. 

Have you ever been there? And what do you do about it? Does the overwhelming feeling build up… and do you, then, feel more anxious, as you try really hard to fit everything into your busy schedule? Does this lead to any feeling of impatience, short-temper, anger, or resentment? 

The good news is, you can break free from any negativity and start attracting more positivity into your life. Balance, which is often missing in many of us moms, is what helps us move through life with ease, flow, and joy. As a Life and Relationship Coach, certified in Strategic Intervention and Activation Method, I have strategies that will help you gain clarity and bring balance into your daily life.

My Services

Composure Coaching offers both one-to-one coaching sessions to Individuals as well as Couples. The duration of each Coaching Session is 60 minutes.

If you have more questions, please learn more from the FAQ page.

Single Coaching Sessions

Single Coaching Sessions

Single coaching sessions are available for Individuals/Couples new to Composure Coaching. Up to a maximum of 3 sessions may be purchased, as purchasing single sessions is a great way to try out our Coaching System and ensure that our system and style are best suited to your needs.

After 3 sessions, packages are recommended to help you stay committed to your own transformation, to support you in finding and maintaining balance, and to empower you to live with ease, flow, and joy.

Group Relationship Coaching Program

Group Relationship Coaching Program

Please stay tuned for upcoming Passion Patterns™ Workshops offered to couples. This is an excellent workshop designed to help lead you and your partner through an experience in deepening your connection in your relationship. Understanding passion patterns™ is a beautiful way to build love, trust, intimacy and connection at a deeper level.


My Mission

To help business-minded moms find and maintain balance, empowering them to live with ease, flow, and joy.