I Help Parents Discover More
Joy, Freedom, and Fulfillment.

I’d like to show you how hundreds of parents are able to rediscover
the amazing joy and fulfillment of being a parent.
Meet Audra

Hello! My Name is
Audra Mah

I am an experienced and certified Life, Relationship, and Executive Coach in the Activation™ Method and Strategic Intervention.

These are precious years – when your children are still home with you. One day this time will pass. So it’s up to us parents to make sure we are making the most of our lives.

As a mother of two, I know very well what being overwhelmed looks like. Parenting is a lot of work — whether you’re a working professional or a stay-at-home parent — and it can feel like we’re doing three jobs at once, with no coffee break! And the next day repeats itself in the same way.

Can you relate?

But here’s what’s important to get – not all parents live like that.

There are parents who, despite their challenges and frustrations, are able to rise above the noise and truly enjoy their lives, build everlasting relationships, and have a truly amazing family life.

I know because this is what I do. I help parents who are struggling to tap into their true potential.

If you would like to raise your level of day-to-day enjoyment, elevate your relationships with your children and family, and feel that you finish each day with a full and satisfied heart, I have methods to help you.

The best way to move forward is to have a one-on-one free Joyful Parent™ Coaching Session with me. This is something I offer my page visitors. At the end of our short session, you’ll be able to see a completely new future for yourself and your family.

I have a fun and easy approach that will show you results in your life and your parenting that you’ve never experienced before.

What our client says:

“As a new mother, I found myself lost in my new life and endlessly searching for a deeper meaning. Audra helped me reconnect to joy and celebrate all my accomplishments even the ones I found mundane and insignificant. Her coaching kept me accountable and helped shift my perspectives: that’s when life really opened up and I not only enjoyed where I was at in the moment but also realized my potential and possibilities for my future.” ~ Jessica King

There is another way – and I’d like to show you. This consultation is completely free, and there is no obligation. I look forward to helping you!

My Services

Composure Coaching offers both one-to-one coaching sessions to Individuals as well as Couples. The duration of each Coaching Session is 60 minutes.

If you have more questions, please learn more from the FAQ page.

Single Coaching Sessions

Single Coaching Sessions

Single coaching sessions are available for Individuals/Couples new to Composure Coaching. Up to a maximum of 3 sessions may be purchased, as purchasing single sessions is a great way to try out our Coaching System and ensure that our system and style are best suited to your needs.

After 3 sessions, packages are recommended to help you stay committed to your own transformation, to support you in finding and maintaining balance, and to empower you to live with ease, flow, and joy.

Group Relationship Coaching Program

Group Relationship Coaching Program

Please stay tuned for upcoming Passion Patterns™ Workshops offered to couples. This is an excellent workshop designed to help lead you and your partner through an experience in deepening your connection in your relationship. Understanding passion patterns™ is a beautiful way to build love, trust, intimacy and connection at a deeper level.


My Mission

I Help Parents Discover More Joy, Freedom, and Fulfillment.