A Coaching Story: how Fred learned to motivate his remote team.

May 7, 2024
May 7, 2024 Composure Coaching

A Coaching Story: how Fred learned to motivate his remote team.

Find out the one thing Fred did that contributed to team building and organizational success!

A Coaching Story: How Fred learn to motivate his remote team.

Are you in management and have a team under your lead? Does it feel like pulling teeth getting your team to produce results?

Let me share Fred’s story.
Fred is the Manager of Operations at his workplace. He came to me for coaching wanting to be able to motivate his team and to work on his communication.
I asked Fred why he wants this… “Do you feel that your team is not motivated?”
Fred’s answer, “No, they’re not. They’re not motivated!”
“Why do you think that?”
Fred went on to tell me more… ‘Every time I asked how they are doing that week, their response is always the same. They answer “good” or “okay”. They never say much. And I want to grow the team, but I can’t… because I haven’t been able to let them take on some of the tasks I’m doing… I want to be able to rely on some of the current team members to teach the junior members.”
He also further explained that there had been some restructuring in the company and there is a lot of uncertainty amongst the staff.
My next question was, “Fred, have you ever asked your team members where they see themselves in the future with this company?”
“No,” Fred responded.
“No? Why haven’t you asked that question”
“Oh, I never thought to ask them that. Plus, I don’t think they want to tell me much of anything. I can see that would be a great question.”
As we coached, we discovered an emotional holdback that was the real reason why Fred didn’t want to ask his team questions. He was afraid that he might be imposing on others if he asked too many questions.
This may have been Fred’s A-ha moment.
The truth is, this has been happening at home as well… Fred didn’t always check in with his wife to see what she was interested in doing, nor have they sat down together to have a conversation to compare dreams of their future. All along, they have been coasting through life together.
Can you relate?
Fred recognises that he didn’t have the skill or the habit to check in with those close to him – his wife or his team – where they are currently at and check to see what they might need in terms of his support. Previously, Fred ended up feeling like he was stuck and felt that he couldn’t motivate his team, when, in fact, he didn’t have the communication skill.
With this realization, Fred made a change. He reported during his next Coaching session that he got some great responses from asking his team members, individually in their meeting, the question of where they see themselves 2 and 5 years from now. All his team members really explored their future with the company and felt excited and even motivated about their work.
As we continued coaching, Fred had chosen that week to go to work on scheduling a conversation with his wife to talk about what she wants to see in their marriage together.
To his surprise, both he and his wife had a lot of fun talking about their future together.
They looked at buying their next property — its location, the size of the property, number of bedrooms, layout of the house!
Their next home is now in the plans and Fred’s relationship with his wife has become more connected.
Is there something that you don’t want to ask or communicate and it has become a habit in your life?
Whatever it is for you, I help my clients to discover what is holding them back. By releasing the tension of your emotional holdback, you’ll discover that you have abilities you didn’t think you had.
Nobody can do this for you.
But as your coach, I can provide a process that will connect you with your strengths and your true capacities.
If there’s something that you’d like to bring into your life, I’d like to help you!
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