Do you feel like people are taking advantage of you?

April 30, 2024
April 30, 2024 Composure Coaching

Do you feel like people are taking advantage of you?

How to make requests...

Do you feel like people are taking advantage of you?

Do you ever feel like you are the only one who has to pick up the slack for everyone else? Maybe you’re someone at work who pulls late nights to finish up. Or, maybe at home, you’re the one who always has to pick up the mess.

Sometimes – if you find this happening to you – you may have a pattern that goes deeper than the cleaning.

This is the case with my client, Chelsea. She came to me for coaching wanting to have more time in her life – more time for herself and more time with her family.

When I asked why she doesn’t think she has time for anything, Chelsea’s surprising response was laundry.

Chelsea admitted, “Folding laundry is a lot! It’s never-ending… and it’s like I don’t have time for anything else when I do the laundry. My husband just goes to bed shortly after dinner… and I get upset that I’m left with the mess at home. Then, I find myself being mad at him the next day — all day long!”

As I listened to Chelsea, I realise that it isn’t just about the laundry. This may be a pattern that shows up in all areas of her life.

“Chelsea, do you ever ask for help?”

Chelsea’s reply, “I think he would help… but I’m not comfortable with it.”

As we coached, we discovered an emotional holdback that was the real reason why Chelsea would pick up unpleasant jobs without ever asking for help.

The truth is, this has been happening at work as well… with emails piling up or even returning phone calls. Whenever she needs things done, she would spend hours doing the work that other people are also responsible for.

Can you relate?

Chelsea recognises that she didn’t have the skill or the habit to ask people to do their part. Previously, she ended up feeling like she was being taken advantage of, when, in fact, she didn’t receive the help she needed.

In the coaching session, she decided to go to work on practising asking someone for help one time that week.

To her surprise, her husband had no problem helping her fold the laundry — in fact, for two times — during the same week she asked for help. Chelsea is also surprised that she feels her husband really cares about her and that he cares about how she feels.

Chelsea began asking for help at work as well. At first, she was scared to do this… and as she became more comfortable, she became happier and started getting her work done faster.

Is there something that you hate doing and has become a habit in your life?

Whatever it is for you, I help my clients to discover what is holding them back. By releasing the tension of your emotional holdback, you’ll discover that you have abilities you didn’t think you had.

Nobody can do this for you.

But as your coach, I can provide a process that will connect you with your strengths and your true capacities.

If there’s something that you’d like to bring into your life, I’d like to help you!

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