How Lisa broke through her biggest limitation!

May 21, 2024
May 21, 2024 Composure Coaching

How Lisa broke through her biggest limitation!

What did she have to do to cross over?

How Lisa broke through her biggest limitation!

I want to share with you an amazing story from coaching practice… the story of Lisa.

Do you ever feel stopped from doing the things you want? It’s hard.

Sometimes we don’t know what’s stopping us.
Other times we know exactly what’s stopping us.
Either way, we have been stopped!

Lisa came to coach with me. She felt her life had shrunk down and become really small. The reason is that she was separated from her city by a huge bridge. It used to be no problem. But six years ago, she found herself unable to cross that bridge.

Since then, she has suffered from the feeling of limitation and isolation.

We started coaching together, and I asked her whether she knows why she stopped crossing the bridge.

Her answer was “I know exactly when I stopped crossing my bridge… when my husband passed away six years ago.”

“Wow,” I thought. “How am I going to help her?”

As we coached, we discovered an emotional holdback that was the real reason why she had trouble crossing the bridge.

Here’s why: she used to cross that bridge to visit her husband when he was very sick in the hospital. And when he passed away, suddenly, she didn’t want to cross over the bridge again. She avoided it, and over time, she stopped ever driving beyond her own town. And then it became a permanent pattern she couldn’t change.

But through the power of coaching, she was able to make a new decision.

Since her aha moment, Lisa has been able to drive over the bridge. For 6 years, she was unable to do this — but now, she can. In fact, she decided to challenge herself and visit the hospital she was avoiding — a way to honour herself — for her own courage and strength to drive out — and to honour her late husband for his love and connection as well as strength and courage in their marriage.

Is there something that you really want to do, that for some reason seems impossible? It might not be as difficult as what Lisa went through. Or, it might be.

Whatever it is for you, I help my clients to discover what is holding them back. By releasing the tension of your emotional holdback, you’ll discover that you have abilities you didn’t think you had.

Nobody can do this for you. But as your coach, I can provide a process that will connect you with your strengths and your true capacities.

If there’s something that you’d like to bring into your life, I’d like to help you!

This week I have three free coaching sessions available where I will help you break through whatever is limiting you, so you can experience the things you want in life.

This is a free consultation I offer people in my community like you – and I hope you will join me. There’s no obligation, you’ll have a clear vision for how to create more joy in your life.

Email me and we’ll set a time.

~ Audra ~