I have an amazing life.

April 23, 2024
April 23, 2024 Composure Coaching

I have an amazing life.

Why do I still feel sad?

Have you ever felt that something was holding you back from feeling true joy? It’s a difficult thing to feel – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Let me tell you the story of my client, Annie. Annie came to me with the complaint that she frequently felt sad. She didn’t even feel that she knew how to have fun with her 15-month-old toddler. How could she feel more joy? We started coaching.

As we worked together, Annie started discovering that she already had the skills that would help her feel true joy in her life. One day, she had a breakthrough and said “I got it! I understand what has been holding me back emotionally, my whole life! It’s because I’m a new mom”.

I was shocked to hear this, but as I listened, it all became clear. One morning, on a day between our coaching sessions, she had a realization. Her relationship with her own mom was somewhat strained and she was often sad during her teenage years. For that reason, she had distanced herself from her mom. And now that she herself was a mom, she realized this was triggering feelings of sadness. She was able to make the connection – a connection that had really helped her understand where her emotional block had been.

Since her aha moment, she no longer feels sadness and fatigue. She has now the energy and looks forward to getting up every morning. She has been able to come up with different activities to do and to have fun with her daughter. Furthermore, the discovery she had made through coaching had prompted her to start talking to her own mom.

When we are blocked, we don’t know why we cannot have more joy. Many of us think we know what is blocking us. But here’s what is usually the case: what is blocking you is not what you think it is! We all have emotional holdback that we don’t know we have. Every time we make a transition through the coaching process, we will make a discovery or have an aha moment – the way my client did, being a new mom who is now able to find more joy in life. You never know what you are going to discover. Through these steps, you, too, can discover the full potential to be happy.

Part of my work as a coach is to help my clients to discover how to release the tension from their emotional holdback. Most of us don’t know what is holding us back – but coaching is the most effective way to put it together and discover that connection for yourself. When that happens, my clients feel more happiness, fulfillment and joy.

If you’d like to experience more joy in your day-to-day life, I can help you. And if you’ve never had anyone help you with this, then you really owe it to yourself to try.

I offer people in my community a one-time free consultation. During this free consultation, I will help you find your personal path to rediscovering joy, freedom, and fulfillment in your life. You’ll be amazed at how it works.

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