Mother Earth

June 11, 2024 Composure Coaching

Mother Earth

What have I missed?

Mother Earth!

Mother Earth

Beneath my feet I feel you, Mother Earth!

Your soft soil grounds and comforts me.

You guide me to trust

And bring balance to my soul.

You are the compass in my life.

So, then, tell me why I still question…

My place. My position. My bearings.

Why am I lost?

Standing. Still – upon a crossing I arrive –

Which path do I choose?

You whisper messages in my ear.

So softly I cannot hear.

You reveal footprints along the way,

So faint that I do not see.

What have I missed?



Audra Mah


I haven’t written a poem in years; and if I did, I rarely share. Today, I am choosing to share my most recent poem with you. By writing and sharing my creative writing, I hope it will inspire you to also write and share more. Your shares are important and will greatly inspire and benefit others. I also invite you to share your comments with us on Instagram @composurecoaching.

If you missed our blogpost from last week on finding flow, be sure to click on the title to check out “The Diaphragmatic Breath.”

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