Sometimes, time doesn’t heal all wounds.

May 14, 2024

Sometimes, time doesn’t heal all wounds.

Are you still feeling the emotional pain?


Sometimes, time doesn't heal all wounds.

Sometimes, time doesn’t heal all wounds.

Have you ever heard of the phrase that “time heals all wounds”? Sometimes it’s absolutely true – and sometimes it’s not! Sometimes something that happened long ago can be creating a block for your relationships today.

Let me tell you the story of Jennifer.

Jennifer came to me for coaching wanting to improve her relationship with her son Bobby, who was in his twenties. She was often sad not seeing him very often, and they didn’t talk much. This often made her sad.

I asked her “do you ask Bobby to spend time together?”
She said, “No. I think he’s too busy.”

I asked, “I understand. But is there something that is holding you back from asking him?”

Tears filled her eyes, and she started to share about the passing of her 4-month-old baby girl, 20 years ago.

I thought, “That is a long time! I can see how her daughter’s death may affect the relationship with Bobby.”

I learned that Jennifer had decided long ago not to share about her daughter’s death. She didn’t want to make people feel uncomfortable. This had prevented her from sharing some of her emotions with her loved ones, and made her feel inauthentic. It may have created a barrier in her relationship with Bobby.

As we were coaching, Jennifer had an aha moment.

“I’m realizing that I never got to grieve for my daughter. I accepted everyone’s opinion that I just had to move on. And I think I left some of my emotional range behind as well. But I see now how this may have, over time, created a wall between me and Bobby.”

I suggested that she ask Bobby to do something with her that week. She agreed.

When we met the next week, Jennifer and Bobby had spent more time together than in the last six months combined. “It’s like we have a whole new relationship” she said!

Is there something that is holding you back from having connection or a better relationship with someone you love?

I’d like to help you the way I helped Jennifer. If there’s a relationship in your life that would benefit from more joy and togetherness, I hope you’ll contact me for a free Joyful Parent™ Coaching Session.

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