The Diaphragmatic Breath

June 4, 2024 Composure Coaching

The Diaphragmatic Breath

What is diaphragmatic breathing and how does it help you?

The Diaphragmatic Breath

Studies show that we don’t breathe properly and we don’t breathe enough throughout the day. Many of us are, in fact, holding our breaths more than we actually breathe. As a result, we could be tightening up our muscles. This is something we may not even be aware of, as it has become second nature to us.

What if we can correct our negative breathing habits into positive ones that would allow positivity in our daily lives… and bring flow to our movements throughout the day?

What if we take a moment to stop — pause — and breathe… simply to allow oxygen to enter through our nose, and for it to naturally flow through our body, and exit out our mouth?

Wouldn’t you like to have more positive energy contributing to your flow at home and at work, creating for yourself a healthy boundary and more balance in your life?

I certainly do.

I strive to practice deep breathing 3-4 times a day. Most frequently, I practice meditation to incorporate deep breathing. In the past three years, deep breathing is something I have brought into my coaching sessions, where my clients have greatly benefited — especially in finding flow, setting intentions, and accomplishing their goals. Deep breathing brings about a focused energy.

Here, I’d like to share an article — “Back to Basics with Breath and BEMER Therapy” — written by Dr. Joshua Berka, an expert in Microcirculation Therapy, explaining how deep breathing works in our body; and why it’s important to know how to breathe properly, in staying healthy and enhancing our quality of life.

So, what is your take on breath work? Do you take a moment to do some deep breathing several times throughout the day? What kind of outcome have you had from doing deep diaphragmatic breath work?

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I also help my clients discover joy and find flow.  If you feel there is anything that is holding you back in finding flow in your daily life — whether that may be leading and motivating your team at work, or taking your business to the next level, or it may be finding it challenging to go out and socialize — as your coach, I can provide a process that will connect you with your strengths and your true capacities to move forward.

If there’s something that you’d like to bring into your life, I’d like to help you!

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